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Moving Finance Forward

Our Firm

We have repackaged our extensive large law firm and business-side finance experience into a super-efficient, well-focused boutique. No army of inexperienced junior associates here! No "silos" here! We deploy a continuum of experience with a full appreciation of the power of cross-pollination to create great financing solutions.

We also assemble and lead teams of specialist lawyers drawn from the outstanding lawyers that we worked with, or opposed, during our large firm years. We now have the freedom to pick truly great specialists rather than relying on lawyers who just happen to be under the same roof.

Whether it be credit agreements, securitizations, derivatives, private placements, letters of credit or FX contracts, to name a few, we strive to combine products and approaches to meet our clients' needs for timely legal advice on complex financings.

Rutherford & Bechtold LLC would be happy to help you move your financings forward. If you’re interested in tailoring your financings to your business, please call or e-mail Doug or Teresa.